Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing.

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What is target audience in marketing?

What is target audience in marketing? How to define your target audience?

Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing. Everything else is Catskills.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well. the product or service fits him and sell itself. “Target audience” is the overall customer you want to reach.

It includes a specific group of criteria one is looking for who can fit the need and demand of the goods or services one wants to sell.

At times the demographics such as age, gender, locality, job profile, qualifications are the different sets of people one can divide on the basis of their demand.

For example-if one has to sell a reputed pet food brand the target audience is that section of society who are pet lovers and also own one.

In a similar fashion, to sell a book one needs to target the book lovers or those people of society, who would at least make an effort to read.

For selling a shaving kit tool, target audience is the male youth.

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achievable business goals

Every company tries its best to make its product worth it, but that is just the beginning.

Manufacturing part is over, and here comes the role of marketing team, to introduce the product and efforts to the larger public.

It needs to be explained that why that particular product or service is better than its competitors and should be chosen over them.

If we need to work on achievable business goals, it is essential to set a target abled reachable audience.

The target audience or customer needs to be chosen in order to measure success, let alone obtain it.

If one knows the target audience, it becomes a cakewalk to craft the advertising and other marketing strategies around it.

It’s always good to have a personal touch and an essence of belonging in our approach to make a successful deal. it helps to grab the attention if we can hit the right cord.

Once you know the target audience, it gets easy to bifurcate amongst so many varied platforms we have for advertising.

For example, if there is a cosmetic brand and the target audience is middle aged women, the advertising popups can be done on similar shopping and feminist websites.

You do not need to place ads on every website by doing this, cost cutting can be done which will ultimately lead to resource optimization and get a better return on investment.

 How to define your target audience?

  • Consult your business plan

you need to have a proper research and analysis of the product or service you want to sell. Only then one can define perfect customer.

Ask yourself certain questions -who can be best suited to use this good and why should he use my product over

  • Research your customer

it’s always best to have a proper research and background of the customer or target audience one is going to connect

It helps to make a proper interaction and also increase the marketing efforts.

  • Segment your overall market

it’s always best to target a larger audience, one never knows who can get interested in what product. Human beings are an inquisitive soul say.

what if an old man gets interested in an online learning platform just to utilize his retirement days ?so ,every audience may have some potential or the other to convert into a

successful all depends on the mindset and also the impact we can put on the mind of the audience through our skills

  • Geographic dividend

at times it happens that a particular product serves best for a certain geographic region due to physical factors such as climate, space and time.

so in such a situation local volunteers who understand the grassroot reality can be of great help to hit the right stoke. For example -air conditioners can be best sold on plains and deserted

terrains, but over there too if you have to target the rural area -low electricity consumption or solar charging facility may lure the customer towards a particular product

  • Income level and family size

for a real estate company who wants to sell a lavish 3bhk apartment, target market would include higher strata married couples who are earning good and want to have a better lifestyle.

so the marketing team which includes the employees, sample flats, agents should be skilled enough to approach such people. But if a motor vehicle company is launching an affordable two-wheeler target audience becomes the middle-income group and the overall scenario changes

  • Psychology

Target audience
Target audience is the overall customer you want to reach.

At times the psychology of the target audience has to be understood well to make a successful effort. Many people can pay more for luxurious products and want to maintain their lifestyle while others are just looking for a worthy product and don’t consider the brand name for a health and fitness company, fitness freak people become the target audience but also the obese can become a potential customer who always want to look fit and dream of a celebrity like.

So, the overall well-balanced approach keeping in mind multidimensional standards of reaching and hitting the target audience is required to pitch a target and achieve towards excellence in the field of marketing. You can always use your sixth sense and inner concise to put your efforts in the right direction.

Certain measures like doing proper research, doing own survey with a verified data, taking feedbacks, having expertise knowledge over the subject always counts and adds value .

A three-step approach to define a target audience

market research
target customer

conduct target customer research, compile all of your existing intelligence on your target market and look for opportunities to learn more about it. Additionally, use google analytics to drill down into your site traffic and perform a deep audience analysis.

Next step leads to targeting the market with proper analysis ,review your competitor’s marketing efforts to better understand what you are up against likewise, you will want to be aware of any other campaigns your business is currently running ,as you don’t want to cannibalize your share of audience attention.

Lastly, define the audience ,pair hard data and thorough understanding of your audience’s needs ,answer questions like: what problems does your product or service solve?”


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