Word of mouth
Word of mouth

Word of mouth is a tool of marketing where the customer’s reviews in the form of dialogues and interactions take place. A friend’s review about the experience one had over that product or service serves as a source of information for most of the people. It can be more relatable and trustworthy in comparison to the internet reviews and going on the marketing team information of the company.


It comes from the personal experiences of a reliable source who are mostly the closed ones .it is a human tendency to align towards such reviews rather than those written for the strangers which the internet is flooded by.It serves as the best source of information which a consumer uses on the path of purchasing a product.

They are often not affected by someone from the marketing team of the brand since it is a dark area where the influence of the brand is negligible. It takes place in person or through ‘dark social channels.’ It also has a different yet important trait of brand loyalty which comes with the quality and reliability of the product. Customers are more loyal to a brand which can be used in the long term and have given them expected results or benefits which one looks for while investing money in a certain product.

While brand advertisements and reviews on search engines are those source of information about a product which can be tailored, on the other hand ‘word of mouth’ is organic and always has a personal essence and belonging attached to it which gives it a higher end compared to other tools of marketing. It is more relatable and easy to grab plus counter questions can be answered easily.

Examples of Word of mouth

1- imagine your friend having a flawless skin while you are struggling with pimples and acne. Her advice on the brand she uses would be trusted by you on the first go, and you would always think of giving it a try.Rather than going for all the TV adds and pop ups you would believe her since you can see her skin through your naked eyes and not getting those reviews on screen via some actress or model.

2-Who doesn’t like having long silky dandruff free hair. Are you also tired of having so many options to choose from since the add agency is flooded with brands. Some claim to be organic, some are cheap, few of them come from some known Italian brand. HUH!! WHAT TO CHOOSE AND WHAT TO LEAVE? IN such a situation a ‘word of mouth’ through some friend or a close relative works best.

3-How about going to buy a laptop ? Imagine you not being that handy with technology and understanding the scientific languages. Rather than storming your brain and going through all the product reviews ,it’s always easier to call an engineer cousin and trust blindly on his words.

4-What if one has to buy a car. Rather than taking self-drive of all the cars in the market and wasting time and energy, one would prefer going for a review from a closed one who is having a car and is happy with it.



In today’s world of digitalization and globalization where there are so many forms of advertisement through social media, tv adds. Communication and satellites ‘word of mouth’ have reserved its place still as a most trusted source. It is undoubtedly the most conventional and hassle free form of source of information.

In western countries where there are a large number of brands to choose from and people are too busy searching the internet and going through reviews ‘word of mouth’ has a strong hold in the marketing industry. It is indeed a more traditional and trustworthy form of advertisement. It also brings a sense of privacy in the customers.

‘word of mouth’ acts as a topic of discussion and people actually find it interesting to talk about their experiences and share it with their closed ones. We can see social media influencers on Instagram and Facebook too following this precise to connect well with a sense of belonging with their followers.

It brings a sense of responsibility even on the side of the brand to maintain its quality and service. ’CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT’ is very much taken care of by the brand to maintain its position and strong foothold in the market.

Customer care support, loyalty programs for their trusted customers and better service quality are some of the areas which a brand always keeps a tag on to keep their loyal customers happy.


In food industry for example, even if there is an increase in the raw material, the brand can not higher the price too much but at the same time has to maintain the quality of the product as well. If the customer finds a change in the taster or quality of the product, the brand may loose its loyalty.

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It is important for a clothing brand to be in line with the ongoing fashion trend to be in the market and not let it’s loyal customers move to a different brand. At the same time having ample colour options and size of the same product is something which should be kept in mind.

When we go for a beauty brand, we trust it for our body. So it becomes essential for the brand ton keep in mind the allergies a particular product can cause and always mention it as a caution.

Keeping a good customer care and support service has to be in the ‘to do list’ of the brand to maintain the loyalty of its customers.



If a particular brand can recapture the most trusted and acknowledged form odd advertisement by building customer’s experience and trust, it will be able to reach positive trends in the graph of it’s marketing curve.

The strategies required can go beyond campaigning and advertising. But the benefits would be undoubtedly more than it without spending much unlike other forms of marketing.


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